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Travel Out of This World!

May 31, 2013

On Tues. June 11 at 7:30, Kevin Manning a former consultant to NASA is bringing his Look Up to the Stars program to the Gridley Public Library. Mr. Manning is an astrophysicist who travels around the country giving presentations about the universe. He is doing a program for an hour and then we will be looking through his telescope at the stars. We also will have members of the Twin City Amateur Astronomers bring their telescopes for people to view the stars. Everyone is invited to this educational and entertaining program.

The following testimonials are just part of the rave reviews that people have given about his presentations. “Your program was truly incredible! The libraries (and other venues) around the country are certainly lucky to have a traveling astrophysicist giving such an informative as well as entertaining presentation.” “I just want to say that my experience in Stony Brook was wonderful. It left me awestruck at the Creator’s majesty. Excellent presentation!!” – Stony Brook Library “Excellent presentation!! Participants were truly involved and amazed.” – Poppy Johnson, Floyd Morial Library

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